3094015An otolaryngologist (pronounced oh/toe- /lair/in/goll/oh/jist), commonly referred to as an “Ear, Nose and Throat” doctor, is an expert in the medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the head and neck. Otolaryngologic surgeries can range from short, simple procedures such as ear tubes, to lengthy and complex cases such as a laryngectomy (removal of the larynx).

Areas of expertise for otolaryngologists are several and include rhinology (e.g. sinus surgery), otology (surgery and medical treatment for acute or chronic ear disease as well as balance disorders), facial plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, surgery for the aging face and reconstructive surgery), laryngology (medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the larynx) and head and neck surgery (surgical treatment of head and neck cancer). Otolaryngologists are equipped and trained to treat patients of all ages including the pediatric population.
The training for an otolaryngologist usually includes 1 to 2 years of general surgery followed by 4 to 6 years of residency in otolaryngology itself. This extensive training allows us to provide comprehensive medical and surgical treatment of the full gamut of head and neck disorders.

Pediatric Otolaryngology

Diseases of the head and neck (tonsillitis, ear infections etc) are among the most common health related problems in the pediatric population. Because of this, a large part of our practice involves taking care of children. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and friendly environment for both children and their parents.

The most common disease entities our group treats in the pediatric population include: acute and chronic ear disease, sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis and sleep apnea. The most common procedures we perform include adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, placement of ear tubes and pediatric sinus surgery.